Beat Street Records

Paris - Sleeping With The Enemy Cassette


Original sealed deadstock cassette.


Black Side
A1 The Enema (Live At The White House) 1:54
A2 Make Way For A Panther 2:28
A3 Sleeping With The Enemy 2:41
A4 House Niggas Bleed To 1:32
A5 Bush Killa 4:51
A6 Coffee, Donuts & Death 3:53
A7 Thinka 'Bout It 4:26
A8 Guerrillas In The Mist 3:11
Power Side
B1 The Days Of Old 4:19
B2 Long Hot Summer 1:42
B3 Conspiracy Of Silence 3:40
B4 Funky Lil' Party 2:50
B5 Check It Out Ch'All 3:28
B6 Rise 1:12
B7 Assata's Song 5:03


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