Beat Street Records

Perry Botkin Jr. – Silent Night, Deadly Night Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Burning Witches Records

A1 (Nice) Main Title (Alt)
A1 (Nice) Going Nowhere
A1 (Nice) Never Stop for Strangers (Alt)
A1 (Nice) Snow Ax
A1 (Nice) Caught in the Act (Alt)
A1 (Nice) Jingle Jam
A1 (Nice) Market
A1 (Nice) Seventeen
A1 (Nice) Running Away
A1 (Nice) Exotic Dreams (Alt)
A1 (Nice) Scary Time
A1 (Nice) Dress Up
A1 (Nice) Billy Loses (Alt)
A1 (Nice) Poor Boy
A1 (Nice) Mad Hatter
A2 (Naughty) Santas Bow and Arrow (Alt)
A2 (Naughty) Horns (Alt)
A2 (Naughty) A Little Later
A2 (Naughty) Smiley Face
A2 (Naughty) No Smoking
A2 (Naughty) Take Him Away
A2 (Naughty) Offing Father O'Brian (Alt)
A2 (Naughty) Cackle
A2 (Naughty) Snow Dreams
A2 (Naughty) Naught (Alt)
A2 (Naughty) Hit the Road