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Phish - Joy 2LP (Swirl Colored vinyl)


2009's Joy served as Phish's eleventh studio album overall and first in five years. Produced by 6x Grammy Award-winner Steve Lillywhite (who also worked on 1996's Billy Breathes), Joy was recorded in April and May of 2009 at Chung King Studio in New York City with many of its ten songs road-tested during the band's triumphant reunion tour including the singles "Time Turns Elastic" and "Backwards Down The Number Line." Hailed as one of Phish's best ever studio efforts, the recordings retain a fresh, live feel. "In some ways, I think this one is more for our fans than any of our other albums," Mike Gordon said.

  1. Backwards Down The Number Line
  2. Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan
  3. Joy
  4. Sugar Shack
  5. Ocelot
  6. Kill Devil Falls
  7. Light
  8. I Been Around
  9. Time Turns Elastic
  10. Twenty Years Later


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