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Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here LP (180g)

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Shine on you, crazy diamond. Indeed, Pink Floyd's 1975 masterwork continues to resonate with a sparkling luminance and poignant emotionalism more than three decades after its original release. Every song on the record has attained iconic status. The suite "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" stands as a tribute to founding group member Syd Barrett. The title track remains a heart-stopping hymn to loneliness, absence, and love. "Welcome to the Machine" riffs on the future and isolation. And "Have a Cigar" registers as one of the most caustic, humorous indictments of the music industry ever made.
All of the music is performed with a delicate perfectionism and enviable tranquility. Guitarist David Gilmour taps into a bluesy aesthetic and fireplace warmth on the slower material, and vocally, channels a melancholic spirit and somber stateliness that reflect the record's conflicting themes. Out of print on vinyl for many years, audiophiles have never had the opportunity to hear it like they do now.

Sourced from the original master tapes, cut by noted engineer Doug Sax, and overseen by resident Pink Floyd producer James Guthrie, this new remastered pressing bests anything you've heard. Teeming with stunning dynamics, an immense front-to-back soundstage, newly uncovered details, balanced transients, and tube-amplifier warmth, this dead-quiet pressing will have you truly hearing this all-time classic with fresh ears. Just wait until you hear the atmospheric surroundings on the title track; it's just one example of this pressing's magnificence.

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Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here: Experience Version Track Listing:

1.  Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part One)
2.  Welcome To The Machine
3.  Have A Cigar
4.  Wish You Were Here
5.  Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part Two)