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Piper - Lovers Logic LP

Warner Music Japan

The first analog reissue of PIPER’s 5th album “LOVERS LOGIC” released in 1985 has been decided!

The 5th album “LOVERS LOGIC” released by MOON RECORDS in 1985 by PIPER, led by guitarist Keisuke Yamamoto, who worked as a backup for Kazuto Murata, will be reissued for the first time!

Starlight Ballet (2019 Remaster)
I Love You (2019 Remaster)
Trade Wind (2019 Remaster)
New York-review (2019 Remaster)
Keep On Loving You (2019 Remaster)
Act-iii (2019 Remaster)
Please Please (2019 Remaster)
Photograph (2019 Remaster)
Go Back (2019 Remaster)
Daylight Blue (2019 Remaster)