Prawn Song

Primus - Frizzle Fry LP


The classic Primus album Frizzle Fry remastered and re-released on vinyl. Hear the legendary "Too Many Puppies" and "John Fisherman" as never before.

Track Listing

1.  To Defy the Laws of Tradition     
2.  Groundhog's Day   
3.  Too Many Puppies   
4.  Mr. Knowitall   
5.  Frizzle Fry   
6.  John the Fisherman   
7.  You Can't Kill Michael Malloy   
8.  The Toys Go Winding Down   
9.  Pudding Time   
10. Sathington Willoughby   
11. Spegetti Western   
12. Harold of the Rocks   
13. To Defy   
14. Hello Skinny/Constantinople