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Private Identity - Look At Me Now 7-Inch

On The Good Foot Music

The year was 1989 when Def Jam Blaster and MC 3-2 were recording songs under the group name "Private Identity". At that time, both Blaster and 3-2 were affiliated with Short Stop Records which was responsible for the "Scarface" release as well as Lil Troy. Def Jam Blaster & 3-2 are both on the cover of the 1989 Scarface ( Dj Akshen) 12 inch. Though nothing was ever released by the group in 1989, 3-2 went on to sign his deal with Rap-A-Lot records and become part of the Convicts with Big Mike in 1991, Blac Monks in 1994 and eventually becoming a solo artist under Rap-A-Lot label in 1996. He was also a member of the Screwed Up Click. We are proud to have been able to unearth this rare gem that may have otherwise never been heard by the masses.

Limited 300 pressing's!!!

Side A: Look At Me Now
Side B: Massive Murda

Package comes with (1) 11"x17" Poster & (1) 4"x4" Sticker