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Prophet - Dont Forget It LP

Stones Throw

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Prophet is an electro-funk musician from the San Francisco area, who until his debut Stones Throw album in 2018, had only released an obscure private-press LP called Right On Time(1984, Treasure Records) which to this day has a dedicated cult following. After its release,Prophet disappeared for over three decades until Stones Throw's founder Peanut Butter Wolf, a long-time fan, met him by chance encounter. Wolf introduced Prophet to Mndsgn, and together they came up with Wanna Be Your Man, released in 2018. Loud & Quiet called it "not only a fondly stitched together photo album of funk's heyday but an important release in its own right." Tyler, The Creator was also a fan, and remixed the title track into the song "Peach Fuzz." Whereas Wanna Be Your Man was a collaboration with Mndsgn, Don't Forget It is entirely self-produced. Working on his own allowed Prophet to further explore his sound palette and whittle down over a hundred songs to 16 for this record.

  1. Intro
  2. Don't Forget It
  3. Be The One For You
  4. In My Ear
  5. Do You Think
  6. Think About It
  7. Human Like
  8. Game To Make Love
  9. I Don't Care
  10. I Am I Is
  11. Come On Hard
  12. Diamond Ring
  13. Never The One For Me
  14. Don't Cry
  15. Whatever
  16. So Much Love


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