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Quantic - Apricot Morning 2LP

Tru Thoughts

Will Holland aka Quantic has developed a sound combining influences from jazz, hip hop, Afro, funk, soul and breakbeats to forge a style that is truly original. 2002's Apricot Morning has a melting pot of techniques and tempos that has influences from across the world but with an undubitably UK-centered sound. This is no doubt due to the fact that Quantic's production expertise and musical skill has brought the best out of the talented British artists and musicians who he has collaborated with to help push the Quantic musical vision forward. Apricot Morning received an incredible amount of positive acclaim from a huge variety of national and international press as well as club and radio DJs worldwide. With his follow-up toThe 5th Exotic, Quantic further proved that he could make quality music in a variety of styles that has the ability to connect with people from a variety of musical backgrounds which, is surely what good music is about.


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