Beat Street Records

Raf Reza - Moods From The Multiverse EP

Heart To Heart

Raf Reza joins us with 'Moods From the Muiltiverse', after his stellar debut record 'Proto' on Cosmic Resonance. This record feels familiar yet foreign, the tracks are like a transmission from across the expanse, awakening zones of the mind that were long dormant. We begin with C-Quenz a dancefloor ready acid track filled with bright melodies and hopeful feels. Cruising Speed is aptly named as this one takes you across the stars with mysterious yet energetic vibes, keeping spirits high no matter the time or place. Rogue is a futuristic voyage down the Amazon, tribal flavours mixed with hi tech melodies come together fusing past and future. Exit Point closes it down with a Blade Runner-esque slow burner that expands your consciousness until you've reached the upper planes of enlightenment.


A1 C-Quenz
A2 Cruising Speed
B1 Rogue
B2 Exit Point