Beat Street Records

Ras G - Down To Earth Vol 2 (The Standard Boom Bap Edition) LP


Still residing on Planet Earth, Ras G continues his heralded legacy as an international influence in Global Beat-Making and Underground Hip Hop. Down To Earth Vol. 2 is G at his most mellow, undoubtedly crafting his smoothest work to date. The body of work presented is not only his most accessible, but an essential trip towards the origins of Ras G's upbringing.

When entering Space Base, visualize Golden Era Hip Hop Polo Jackets & Dashiki Shirts. Restrict your culinary diet to home-cooked Vegetarian Ethiopian Cuisine. Celebrate listening to pioneers Pete Rock, Diamond D, Madlib, and J Dilla. Study the tools of the trade devoutly, not forcefully. Allow the MPC200XL, SP-404, and Technics 1200s to become humble extensions of the human form.

"Dedicated to those all over the planet who recognize and respect the sound. Much more music coming sooner than later....roll that weed up...we going everywhere destinations unknown." - Ras G


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