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Ratatat - LP3 LP


LP3 is the third studio album from Ratatat and the follow-up to 2006's Classics. Whereas Classics took some time to record, LP3 came together over the course of just a few weeks in October and November of last year. The album was recorded at Old Soul, a private studio in Catskill, NY which lays claim to a wealth of keyboard instruments of which nearly all are featured on LP3. Mike Stroud's characteristic guitar style is still present on the record but there are an abundance of new textures, from wurlitzer and mellotron, to even live percussion rather than programmed. This vinyl version is housed in a gatefold sleeve and includes an MP3 coupon.

Track Listing

1. Shiller
2. Falcon Jab
3. Mi Viejo
4. Mirando
5. Flynn
6. Bird Priest
7. Shempi
8. Imperials
9. Dura
10. Bruleé
11. Mumtaz Khan
12. Gipsy Threat
13. Black Heroes


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