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Robert Glasper Experiment - ArtScience 2LP (180g)

Blue Note

Groundbreaking, Grammy-winning group Robert Glasper Experiment returns on Blue Notein September 2016 with the new album ArtScience. The eclectic release finds the Experiment getting down to its essence, with each of the band members – keyboardist Robert Glasper, saxophonist/vocalist Casey Benjamin, bassist Derrick Hodge, and drummer Mark Colenburg – delivering the vocals and sharing in the production and songwriting on the album. On ArtScience, the Experiment sounds like a bit of everything that's vibrant and challenging and great about music woven into a billowing fabric of jazz, funk, soul, rock, hip-hop, blues, disco, electronic, and pop. 

After delivering two star-studded, chart-topping, R&B Grammy-winning volumes of their acclaimed Black Radio series on which they collaborated with everyone from Erykah Badu to Norah Jones to Snoop Dogg, the band pondered where to go next. The answer? "You do you," says Glasper. "People need to hear what the Experiment sounds like, just us – know what our vibe is and can be."

Lead single, "Find You" is a jaw-dropping tour-de-force co-written by all four Experiment members that charges through various moods and genres. The track features Hodge on lead vocals as well as a shredding guitar solo by Michael Severson. It closes with an impassioned plea for justice from Glasper's son Riley. "He's speaking his mind," explains Glasper. "He was 5 and the Michael Brown case came on the news and he started going off." Indeed, Riley speaks to the anger many feel: "It's not fair! We should let other people live! ... Let's try to make the polices better ... like real polices that help. No gun shooting!"


  1. This Is Not Fear 
  2. Thinkin Bout You 
  3. Day To Day 
  4. No One Like You 
  5. You And Me 
  6. Tell Me A Bedtime Story 
  7. Find You 
  8. In My Mind 
  9. Hurry Slowly 
  10. Written In Stone 
  11. Human


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