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Rough Guide To Peru Rare Groove LP

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It is not until recently that Peru's rich, tropical, golden grooves have been mined properly for wider global audiences to enjoy. The amazing thing is this historical treasure trove seems to be a nearly inexhaustible resource, as this collection showcases a lot of music not on other recent samplers. Rough Guide To Peruvian Rare Groove epitomizes diversity in any music collection with its bolstering array of fusions.

The selection compiled is unique as much as it is understated. Digging deep into an abundance of exclusive record collections, to unearth musical gems which have rarely been heard by the ears on western shores. The 1970s were a decade of experimentation in music which not only fused cultures, but also established them, as displayed in this audial journey of Peru's musical history. In the golden era of Peru's record and radio industry, musicians, composers and producers created their own variants of foreign-born genres, most frequently to satisfy and attract their dancing public (often defined by race/class divisions) with something they could recognize and call their own.

Peru has supplied hits for the world of salsa and cumbia time and time again. Several recent collections have featured the originals, and here for example is the song that launched a hundred iterations, Johnny Arce's "Macondo." The up-tempo horns and rhythmic percussion drives through to Carlos Pickling Y Su Organo Espacial's "Lluvia Con Nieve/El Molestoso." The album cleverly also includes Los Mirlos' "El Poder Verde," which still maintains the charm derived from salsa, cumbia and jazz. All whilst adding those hints of that irresistible Peruvian flavor.

  1. La Sonora De Lucho Macedo - Quiero Bailar Contigo 
  2. Los Compadres Del Ande - Lamparita 
  3. Carlos Pickling Y Su Organo Espacial - Lluvia Con Nieve/El Molestoso 
  4. Johnny Arce Y Su Orquesta - Macondo 
  5. Andres De Colbert Y Su Orquesta - Lobos Al Escape 
  6. Los Mirlos - El Poder Verde 
  7. Melcochita Y Karamanduka - Descarga Macchu Picchu 
  8. Pedro Miguel Y Sus Maracaibos - Son Con Boogaloo 
  9. Los Blacanguay - La Palmadita 
  10. Chacal Y Sus Estrellas - Nuestra Pobreza 
  11. Juaneco Y Su Combo - Tambores De La Selva


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