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Rush - Rush (reDISCovered) LP Boxset (200g vinyl)


Rush is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its debut album in a big way. Remastered at Abbey Road Studios by engineer Sean McGee (the very same gentlemen in charge of the recent, acclaimed Beatles remasters) and pressed on 200g LP at QRP via the Direct Metal Mastering process, Rush (ReDISCovered) presents the trio's seminal initial salvo in the finest analog fidelity it's ever enjoyed. Housed in a 12" box, the set also contains reproductions of the original Canadian retail poster, publicity photos, and a 12 x 12 family poster.

Track Listing:

1. Finding My Way
2. Need Some Love
3. Take a Friend
4. Here Again
5. What You're Doing
6. In the Mood
7. Before and After
8. Working Man


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