Beat Street Records

Scorpions - Tokyo Tapes 2LP (Yellow Vinyl)


A1 All Night Long 3:43
A2 Pictured Life 3:13
A3 Backstage Queen 3:40
A4 Polar Nights 7:01
A5 In Trance 5:27
B1 We'll Burn The Sky 8:07
B2 Suspender Love 3:41
B3 In Search Of The Peace Of Mind 3:02
B4 Fly To The Rainbow 9:38
C1 He's A Woman, She's A Man 5:22
C2 Speedy's Coming 3:39
C3 Top Of The Bill 6:47
C4 Hound Dog 1:14
C5 Long Tall Sally 2:50
D1 Steamrock Fever 3:41
D2 Dark Lady 4:38
D3 Kojo No Tsuki 3:18
D4 Robot Man 5:49