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Sharon Jones - 8 Days (Of Hannukah) 7-Inch


Every November, just as we’ve got our rubber spiders and Ronald Reagan masks packed back into our sticky plastic pumpkins, we find ourselves inundated by “Holiday Music.” It hovers in every elevator, floats through every grocery store, and whines out of every receiver as we wait on hold with the cable company. Though there are dozens of standards in the canon – and we know every one of them all too well – they all seem to have one thing in common: they’re not Dap-Kings funk jams about Hanukkah! Ever wonder what it would sound like to hear Sharon Jones sing about latkes and Maccabees? Ever rip apart your record shelves looking for that perfect mixtape song for your Jewish friend? Ever get sick of the ONE Adam Sandler song that’s supposed to miraculously last us eight days? Here is your answer: “8 Days” of soul packed carefully into 7 inches of wax. Happy Hanukkah!

A. 8 Days (Of Hanukkah)
B. What Does Hanukkah Mean To You?


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