Beat Street Records

Showbiz & AG - Runaway Slave 2LP


A1 Still Diggin' 3:42
A2 Fat Pockets 3:37
A3 Bounce Ta This 3:50
A4 More Than One Way Out 4:28
B1 Silence Of The Lambs (Remix) 4:49
B2 40 Acres And My Props 4:18
B3 Runaway Slave 4:50
B4 Hard To Kill 5:12
C1 Hold Ya Head 4:35
C2 Represent 4:18
C3 He Say She Say 5:53
C4 Silence Of The Lambs 5:07
D1 Party Groove (Bass Mix) 3:19
D2 Soul Clap (Short Version) 4:01
D3 Catchin' Wreck 4:15
D4 Party Groove (Instrumental) 3:17


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