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Skip James - Rough Guide To Skip James LP

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Skip James was a Delta blues enigma, whose mesmerizing guitar playing and haunting voice produced bluer than blue masterpieces. This beautifully re-mastered Rough Guide collection of his seminal pre-war 1931 recordings for Paramount Records shows why his otherworldly blues cast its spell on many blues greats from Robert Johnson to Eric Clapton. Includes such classics as "I'm So Glad," "Devil Got My Woman" and "Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues." This vinyl edition of Rough Guide To Skip James also includes an accompanying download card with extra music.

  1. Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues
  2. I'm So Glad
  3. Drunken Spree
  4. If You Haven't Any Hay Get On Down The Road
  5. Cherry Ball Blues
  6. Be Ready When He Comes
  7. Little Cow and Calf Is Gonna Die Blues
  8. Devil Got My Woman
  9. How Long "Buck"
  10. Jesus Is A Mighty Good Leader
  11. Cypress Grove Blues
  12. Illinois Blues
  13. 22-20 Blues


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