Beat Street Records

Skratchy Seal - Super Seal 2

Thud Rumble

 For nearly ten years now, the title of the numero uno skratching tool of all time for countless djs, has been "Superseal"! The skipless phenomenon for the vinyl connoisseur with the nicest unskippable "aaah" and "fresh", as well as all the other strategically placed dj friendly sounds to skratch with! So, Skratchy Seal went back to the lab and made exactly what you desired... a "SUPERSEAL 2"!!! That's right... it really is here finally! So if you're a hardcore skratcher, then you know all the infinite fun possibilities a SUPERSEAL 2 can bring! So hurry and get it first so your fellow djs think you are mysterious and ask you, "What the hell record is that?!!! I want it!!!" It also features a ridiculously hot triplet beat (which was scientifically made to be played on 45 to get the full effects of attracting the opposite sex or the same sex


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