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Slayer - Show No Mercy LP (Red Colored Vinyl)

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1983's Show No Mercy is the album that started it all for thrash kings Slayer, and the set that ultimately helped commence the speed and thrash metal movements of the 80s as well as the extreme metal underground of the 90s. Slayer incorporated the faster, darker elements of Judas Priest and melded it with the punk brutality of Motorhead. The creativity is apparent from the the all-out assault of the opener "Evil Has No Boundaries" to the last note of the closing title track. Available here on Limited Edition Splattered Red Colored Vinyl!

Slayer Show No Mercy Track Listing:

1. Evil Has No Boundaries
2. The Antichrist
3. Die by the Sword
4. Fight till Death
5. Metal Storm / Face The Slayer
6. Black Magic
7. Tormentor
8. The Final Command
9. Crionics
10. Show No Mercy


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