Beat Street Records

Snoop Dogg - Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not Told 2LP



A1 Snoop World 5:20
A2 I Can't Take The Heat 4:10
A3 Woof! 4:22
A4 Gin & Juice II 3:36
A5 Show Me Love 3:53
B1 Hustle N' Ball 3:25
B2 Don't Let Go 3:47
B3 Tru Tank Dogs 3:55
B4 Whatcha Gon Do? 2:37
B5 Still A G Thang 4:20
C1 20 Dollars To My Name 4:08
C2 D.O.G.'s Get Lonely 2 3:15
C3 Ain't Nut'in Personal 3:37
C4 DP Gangsta 4:52
C5 Game Of Life 3:52
D1 See Ya When I Get There 3:20
D2 Pay For P... 1:44
D3 Picture This 2:31
D4 Doggz Gonna Get Ya 4:59
D5 Hoes, Money & Clout 3:21
D6 Get Bout It & Rowdy


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