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Steve Spacek - Houses LP

Black Focus Records

The third album on Black Focus continues the South London tradition, but this time in the form of one of the originators: a triple OG, Steve Spacek. Houses sees Spacek return to his Detroit influences, with house music at the heart of this record as its foundation but as with all Spacek's releases, it transcends genre and focuses more on swing, melody and feeling. There's elements of soul, jazz and R&B interlaced within the DNA of his electronic music, alongside his signature falsetto vocals. The entire project was produced using iPhone and iPad apps, an approach Steve champions and feels liberated by using technology to join the past with the present.

  1. Rawl Aredo
  2. Waiting 4 You
  3. Where We Go
  4. Tell Me
  5. African Dream
  6. Songlife
  7. Higher Place
  8. Single Stream
  9. Love 4 Nano


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