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Sufjan Stevens Illinoise (Special 10th Anniversary Blue Marvel Edition) Limited Edition Colored 2LP + Download

Asthmatic Kitty

The audio for the special edition comes from a 2014 remastered version of Illinoise. The label has also commissioned children's book artist and the original Illinoise cover artist Divya Srinivasan to portray Blue Marvel in the style of the original art. Pressing is limited to 10,000 worldwide.

1. Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois
2. The Black Hawk War...
3. Come On! Feel The Illinoise!...
4. John Wayne Gacy, Jr.
5. Jacksonville
6. A Short Reprise For Mary Todd ...
7. Decatur, Or, Round Of Applause For Your Stepmother!
8. One Last "Whoo-Hoo!" For The Pullman!!
9. Go! Chicago! Go! Yeah!
10. Casimir Pulaski Day
11. To The Workers Of The Rock River Valley Region...

1. The Man Of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts
2. Prairie Fire That Wanders About
3. A Conjunction Of Drones...
4. The Predatory Wasp Of The Palisades Is Out To Get Us!
5. They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!!
6. Let's Hear That String Part Again...
7. In This Temple As In The Hearts Of Man...
8. The Seer's Tower
9. The Tallest Man, The Broadest Shoulders Part I...
10. Out Of Egypt...
11. The AvaLanche


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