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Sum 41 - Order In Decline LP


Order In Decline is undoubtedly Sum 41's heaviest and most aggressive album in their storied career, while also being its most dynamic and raw. For each fiery, arena-rock entry (i.e. "Out For Blood" – a down-tuned skate-punk number with an insane guitar solo and "45 (A Matter Of Time)" – a groove-heavy mid-tempo rager, there is an equally powerful, vulnerable ballad that hits just as hard. Producing, engineering, and mixing the album in his home studio, frontman Deryck Whibley pain-stakingly crafted and fine-tuned each song, highlighted by his fast and full riffs, guitar solos from lead guitarist/backing vocalist Dave Brownsound, harmonious chords from guitarist Tom Thacker, and the heavy, heart-thumping rhythm section of bassist/backing vocalist Cone McCaslin and drummer Frank Zummo.

  1. Turning Away
  2. Out For Blood
  3. The New Sensation
  4. A Death In The Family
  5. Heads Will Roll
  6. 45 (A Matter Of Time)
  7. Never There
  8. Eat You Alive
  9. The People Vs...
  10. Catching Fire