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Tangerine Dream - Strange Behavior OST LP (Neon Twist Vinyl)

Terror Vision

Soundtrack to 1981 horror film, “Strange Behavior” on vinyl for the first time ever!

Although it’s had a strong cult reputation since its initial release, Strange Behavior was the odd man out at the time: in 1981, horror movies were primarily of the stupid slasher variety. This film deserves better – it’s more of an homage to the all-American 1950s B movie. Future Oscar winner Bill Condon (Gods and Monsters) and director Michael Laughlin cooked up this kooky tale of a mad scientist programming small-town teens to kill. Laughlin’s long-take style gets under your skin, the Tangerine Dream score is unnerving, and the fact that the whole thing was shot in New Zealand adds a touch of the peculiar to the “Midwestern” landscape. At times the weird science seems to have infected everyone in town (a giddy choreographed dance at a teen party comes from nowhere), which just adds to the sense of general – you know – strange behavior. Condon and Laughlin followed with 1983’s Strange Invaders.

Opening Credit
Murder in the Kitchen
Driving the Car
Tension in the Classroom
Music Box
Horror in the Mud
Laboratory Theme
Horror in the Bathroom
Experiments in Tension
Drama on the Television
Tension in the take-away
Tension in Graveyard
Dad's Story Theme
Tension at College
Pete Goes in for Kill
Tension in Laboratory
Kill the Professor
Cleaning Up Theme
Wedding Theme