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Tennis - Swimmer LP (Ivory Vinyl)

Mutually Detrimental

Indie pop duo Tennis - comprising husband and wife Patrick Riley (guitar, keyboards, production) and Alaina Moore (vocals, keyboards) - wrote their new album Swimmer on land and sea; on their sailboat traveling around Baja California, Mexico and in their recording studio they built in Denver, CO. Alaina and Patrick were driven to elevate their songwriting and experimented with different instrumentation, time changes, and a focus on lyrical storytelling. The duo experienced many life-changing occurrences over the last two years that influenced their writing - from loss to illness and renewed bonds. Moore reveals that the first single "Runner" and the album "began as a guitar riff Patrick recorded while we were living off grid, anchored in a fisherman's cove called San Juanico. The only instruments we had on board were an acoustic guitar and a drum sequencer, but the limitations seemed to work in our favor. Until that point we had no clear vision for our writing. The demo Patrick recorded that day outlined our future, the first contours of our next record."

  1. I'll Haunt You
  2. Need Your Love
  3. How To Forgive
  4. Runner
  5. Echos
  6. Swimmer
  7. Tender As A Tomb
  8. Late Night
  9. Matrimony II


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