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Testament - Demonic LP (White Vinyl)

Nuclear Blast America

Formed in 1983 around the Bay area of Northern California, Testament rose to prominence alongside thrash luminaries like Metallica, Exodus and others. Since then the band has released eleven full length records, the last being Brotherhood of the Snake on Nuclear Blast in 2016. Testament is one of the true originators and innovators of American heavy metal and 30 plus years in they still deliver on stage and on record.

Released in the late 90s, both Demonic (1997) and The Gathering (1999) were records that bucked the trend of where mainstream, American metal was headed. As nu-metal was exploding Testament released two of the most urgent and heavy records of their career. Both albums have been out of print on vinyl for several years. While Testament's profile continues to grow around the world these records have been missing until now. The new vinyl reissues will feature stunning new artwork by Marcelo Vasco (Slayer, Kreator, Hatebreed).

Testament guitarist Eric Peterson comments: "I'm super stoked that Nuclear Blast, 'the best metal label on earth,' is re-releasing the rebirth of Testament era featuring 'Demonic' and 'The Gathering'...These classic records feature revamped art to boot that are unapologetic to their themes as they were."


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