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Testament - The Gathering LP

Nuclear Blast America

Bursting out of the Bay Area as Legacy in 1983 and later molding into the classic line-up that would be remembered for years,Testament was birthed in 1986 at a time when thrash metal was just beginning to change the American musical landscape. With a handful of timeless classics issued throughout the 80s and 90s, Testament was one of the few bands that seemed to get angrier, thrashier and more intense with each release. Case in point: the scathing guitar work, frantic rhythm section and ever-increasingly intense vocal deliveries of main-man Chuck Billy on two of Testaments' most brutal albums, 1997's Demonic and 1999's The Gathering. The latter finds Billy flanked by Dave Lombardo (Slayer), James Murphy (Death), and Steve DiGirgio (Death) who are all also at the top of their game.


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