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Tha God Fahim x Stack Skrilla - Dump Gawd: Tha Divine Brotherhood LP


Strongly limited edition of 300 copies of the collborative effort between Tha God Fahim and Stack Skrilla with productions by Fahim and Benji Socrate$. Tip!

  1. Intro (Prod. by Benji Socrate$)
  2. Dream Chasers (Prod. by Benji Socrate$)
  3. Seek and Destroy (Prod. by Benji Socrate$)
  4. Past to Present ( Tha God Fahim)
  5. Holographic Universe ( Tha God Fahim)
  6. Night at the Roxbury (Prod. by Benji Socrate$)
  7. C-Notes (Prod. by Benji Socrate$)
  8. 4 Seasons ( Tha God Fahim)
  9. Jungle Book ( Tha God Fahim)
  10. Hammer Time Sequel (Prod. by Benji Socrate$)
  11. Dump City ( Tha God Fahim)


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