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The Demands - Say It Again 7-Inch

Big Crown

Big Crown Records is proud to present the reissue of this 45 from The Demands.

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, The Demands were originally called The Fabulous Furys in college and switched to The Demands in May of 1969 to play a string of gigs in South Carolina for the summer. They cut the tunes for this single in 1973 with legendary North Texas engineer Phil York, originally pressed on Clem Records, original copies of this Northern Soul burner change hands for upwards of 600 bucks in good condition. The Demands had a moment of on screen fame in ’73 appearing in the Blaxsploitation film “Fox Style” as the house band at an outdoor fashion show. Band leader/founder Melvin Clemmons passed his bass duties to his brother around '79 so he could run his own nightclub and The Demands kept gigging until around '89 when they disbanded. 

Side A Say It Again is an up Northern Soul number equal parts hi energy and good vibes. A sureshot for the soul parties, and a very welcome opportunity to put this obscure tune into collections. 

Side B’s Let Me Be Myself is a smash of a ballad really showcasing a different side of the groups writing and performing abilities. The sweet soul folks are in for a treat on this one, sure to make it to all the lowrider enthusiasts mixes. 


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