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The Exploited - Best Of The Exploited: Totally Exploited 2LP


Totally Exploited: Best Of The Exploited is a 27-track, 2LP retrospective from Taang! Records that packages together the seminal early 7" singles and prime cuts from the U.K.'s ultimate '80s punk band, The Exploited. All their prototype punk classics are here including "Punk's Not Dead," "Dogs of War," "Dead Cities," and "Sex and Violence" to name but a few!


  1. Punk's Not Dead
  2. Army Life
  3. Fuck a Mod
  4. Barmy Army
  5. Dogs of War
  6. Dead Cities
  7. Sex & Violence
  8. Yops
  9. Daily News
  10. Dole Q
  11. I Still Believe in Anarchy
  12. God Save the Queen
  13. Psycho


  1. Blown to Bits
  2. Insanity
  3. S.P.G.
  4. Jimmy Boyle
  5. Fuck the U.S.A.
  6. Attack
  7. Rival Leaders
  8. Crashed Out
  9. What You Gonna Do
  10. Class War
  11. Alternative
  12. Computer's Don't Blunder
  13. Addiction
  14. Hitler's In the Charts Again


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