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The Jack Moves - Joyride 7-Inch

Hobo Camp

From the crummy and rude glory hole bandits of Newark's Penn Station to the cherry blossom lovers found just north of the city, there's a thread that stitches these disparate elements. Kids run across the boulevard as the soundtrack wafts over the streets. The few bucks forked over to the pregnant lady down on her luck could be the same notes used to cop a flavorful bouquet for a romantic conquest. The triggerman's itchy index is used both to spill rivals and thrill lovers. The Jack Moves are what this sounds like on wax. 

This 7” offering was produced especially with DJs and record-collectors in mind. The A Side, “Joyride” the third official single from the Jack Moves, is a sweet-soul classic about the simple pleasures of life and finding joy in the company of someone you love. Originally released on their self-titled LP on Wax Poetics records, this track has become a present-day modern soul anthem treasured by DJs, record collectors, car-clubs, and soul music aficionados worldwide. The B Side, “Wantin’ You” originally released on the Jack Moves sophomore LP “Free Money” by Everloving Records, is a deep and lush soul ballad drenched in reverb, perfect for those obsessed and enraptured in new love or the dream and potential of one on the horizon.


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