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The Legion - Theme + Echo = Krill LP

Legion Records

Theme + Echo = Krill is the album hip-hop has been waiting for, something that heads will nod to and aspiring rappers will want to emulate. Yes, you can be old school hardcore, slammin' and brand new all at the same time. "Everything about us is old school," says Chucky. "Our boots and old man hats. We've been like this since junior high. New rappers gotta come out with new designer cloths... but the Legion is not going for it." If you like hip-hop all about rhyming, skills, music, flow and flavor, then you'll for the Legion.



Enter The Realm 0:48
Jingle Jangle 4:43
Buddah Break 1:22
Legion Groove 3:12
Back In The Days 1:36
Step To The Stage 4:12
Makin Noise 4:16
Krill Ill 5:12
Representando 1:15
Zootie Bang 4:42
Once Upon A Time 4:33
I Like The Way Its Going Down 4:18
Bring It 4:45
Its Thorough 4:02
Who's It On Part 1 5:00
Who's It On Part 2 4:31
The Word Nigga 1:40
New Niggas 4:23
The Truth 2:47
Rest In Peace 5:51


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