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The Roots - Tipping Point 2LP


The long-awaited Phrenology was released in late November 2002 amid rumors of the Roots losing interest in their label arrangements with MCA. In 2004, the band remedied the situation by creating the Okayplayer company. Named after their website, Okayplayer included a record label and a production/promotion company. The same year, the band held a series of jam sessions to give their next album a looser feel. The results were edited down to ten tracks and released as The Tipping Point (based on the Malcolm Gladwell book) in July 2004. The music here has a little harder edge than their previous release and is as in your face as the ominous album image. Scott Storch returned from producing songs for Dr. Dre, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce to orchestrate the electronic first single, "Don't Say Nuthin'" while guests include Aaron Livingston, Jean Grae, Martin Luther, Devin the Dude and Dave Chappelle.

  1. Star
  2. I Don't Care
  3. Don't Say Nuthin'
  4. Guns Are Drawn
  5. Stay Cool
  6. Web
  7. Boom!
  8. Somebody's Gotta Do It
  9. Duck Down!
  10. Why (What's Goin On?)
  11. The Mic
  12. Untitled
  13. Din Da Da


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