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The Skratchlords - Path Of Least Resistance LP

Cut & Paste

For this Deep Red repress, we have printed out the center-labels as sticker sets, allowing the end-user to choose how the design lines up for visual cuing purposes.

Like any weapon you might forge for a battle, it’s crafted with the finest of materials. Symatic collaborated with The Vinyl Factory's etch-artist Leighton Harris to design a unique etching that surrounds the playable tracks on the record. One side is essentially a 10” record cut onto a 12” disk, with the etching filling out the dead-space. What's more – the design actually lines up with the sounds on the record.

Side A is ultrapitch ready, put together with 133 BPM loops. There are 9 deadly vocal laden scratch loops, followed by a section of scratchy goodies with hidden nuggets all over. A drum track and synth bass tone with a lock groove make this more than a battle weapon, but a musical tool as well.

Side B has been edited at 166 BPM to work best at regular speed on a turntable. It kicks off with 5 scratch loops, followed by punchy drum loops taken from the “Janes Cumin Home Soon” EP. Next comes a section of samples to get creative with: guitars, horror-film screams, comical interludes, with no shortage of excellent scratch material.

The end of this side has a collection of lock-groove tones to get down and dirty with. This record has been years in the making, with many international SKRATCHLORDS affilliates contributing sounds and ideas.


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