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The Velvet Underground - Collected 2LP


The Velvet Underground's immense influence is universally acknowledged. Their raw, uncompromising musical vision was reflected in the visionary interplay between Lou Reed and Sterling Morrison's wrenching yet nuanced guitar work, John Cale's squalling viola runs and drummer Moe Tucker's driving, primal beats. Reed's transgressive portrayals of drugs, sex and violence had no precedent in popular music, balancing unflinching grit with unmistakable compassion and empathy. The band's Collected series compilation gathers 23 trailblazing songs including the quintessential "I'm Waiting for the Man," "Heroin," "Venus in Furs," "All Tomorrow's Parties," "White Light / White Heat" and "Pale Blue Eyes."

1. I'm Waiting For The Man
2. Venus In Furs
3. All Tomorrow's Parties
4. There She Goes Again
5. Heroin
6. Femme Fatale
7. I Heard Her Call My Name
8. White Light / White Heat
9. Here She Comes Now
10. Sister Ray

1. Hey Mr. Rain
2. Stephanie Says
3. She's My Best Friend
4. Andy's Chest
5. Candy Says
6. What Goes On
7. Some Kinda Love
8. Lisa Says
9. Pale Blue Eyes
10. The Murder Mystery
11. We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together
12. Foggy Notion
13. One Of These Days