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The Who - The Who Sell Out LP (180g)


The Who Sell Out also boasted a major hit single, in the form of the somewhat psychedelic "I Can See For Miles," which preceded it in the Autumn of 1967 and reached No. 10 in the UK. The song also became their only top ten hit single in the US, where it peaked at No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100. The album peaked at No. 13 in the UK, well below the top five heights of their first two albums, and stalled at No. 48 in America. But as a forerunner of the big ideas that were soon to emerge from the band, it was a significant release.
The Who The Who Sell Out Track Listing:
1.  Armenia City In The Sky
2.  Heinz Baked Beans
3.  Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
4.  Odorono
5.  Tattoo
6.  Our Love Was
7.  I Can See For Miles
8.  I Can't Reach You
9.  Medac
10. Relax
11. Silas Stingy
12. Sunrise
13. Rael 1


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