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Thin Lizzy - Johnny The Fox LP


Charged by the creative force of Phil Lynott, legendary Irish hard-rockers Thin Lizzycombined working class romanticism and Irish folk law with piercing dual-guitar lines. Like artists such as Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, Lynott was a poet of the downtrodden who helped break down racial stereotypes in rock and became one of the most influential front men in hard rock and heavy metal. Johnny The Fox is Thin Lizzy's seventh studio album and second of 1976 following commercial breakthrough Jailbreak. The LP was written and recorded while bassist/vocalist Lynott was recovering from a bout of hepatitis that took him off the road halfway through the Jailbreak tour and as a rock album, it stands with the best of Thin Lizzy's output. Released during the band's peak years of the mid-to-late '70s, Johnny the Fox highlights the twin guitar attack of Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson and Lynott's burgeoning songwriting skills - revealing much more focused material while the overall tone is looser than previous offerings. Includes the all-time Thin Lizzy classic "Don't Believe a Word."

  1. Johnny
  2. Rocky
  3. Borderline
  4. Don't Believe A Word
  5. Fool's Gold
  6. Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed
  7. Old Flame
  8. Massacre
  9. Sweet Marie
  10. Boogie Woogie Dance


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