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Thin Lizzy - Nightlife LP


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Charged by the creative force of Phil Lynott, the legendary Irish hard-rock band Thin Lizzycombined working class romanticism and Irish folk law with piercing dual-guitar lines. Like artists such as Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, Lynott was a poet of the downtrodden who helped break down racial stereotypes in rock and became one of the most influential front men in hard rock and heavy metal. After making three albums with the Lynott/Brian Downey/Eric Bell axis, during which time there was a definite sound to the band that owed much to their Dublin heritage, Thin Lizzy started to move in a different direction with the arrival of the Scottish-born Brian Robertson and American Scotty Gorham. This was noticeable on 1974's Nightlife, where the newly forged foursome had a more soulful almost smooth operation as heard on standouts like "Philomena," "It's Only Money" and "Showdown."


  1. She Knows
  2. Night Life
  3. It's Only Money
  4. Still In Love With You
  5. Frankie Carroll
  6. Showdown
  7. Banshee
  8. Philomena
  9. Sha La La
  10. Dear Heart


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