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Tim Dog - Penicillin On Wax 2LP (Limited Edition Numbered Transparent Green Vinyl)

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A1 Intro 2:48
A2 Low Down Nigga 2:07
A3 Robin Harris Shit 0:17
A4 Fuck Compton 4:09
A5 DJ Quick Beat Down 0:24
A6 Step To Me 4:45
B1 Phone Conversation W/ Reporter 0:23
B2 Bronx Nigga 4:15
B3 You Ain't Shit 4:20
B4 I Ain't Takin' No Shorts 3:37
B5 NFL Shit 0:17
B6 I'll Wax Anybody 5:02
C1 Michel'le Conversation 1:21
C2 Can't Fuck Around 3:40
C3 Dog's Gonna Getcha 3:02
C4 Goin' Wild In The Penile 4:08
D1 Get Off The Dick 3:10
D2 I Ain't Havin' It 3:34
D3 Patriotic Pimp 3:36
D4 Secret Fantasies 6:20


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