Beat Street Records

Timeless Legend - Everybody Disco EP

Love Vinyl

Timeless Legend are a 70s soul group from Columbus, Ohio. Their 'Synchronised' album from 1980 is one of the rarest 'rare grooves' and both original copies and the single I Was Born To Love You currently sell for over £1,000 a copy.For RSD, Love Vinyl in conjunction with Expansion bring you an earlier 1979 single 'Everybody Disco' (itself worth over £200), a remix and 'I Was Born To Love You' on a 12 single limited to 750 copies. The remix of 'Everybody Disco' is by The Mighty Zaf & Phil Asher who command major respect from the current disco scene and have transformed the song into what will become one of the most significant dance releases of 2018. This is the first and only time for these tracks on 12 single.


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