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Tomorrow - Tomorrow LP (Splatter Vinyl)


Early British psychedelia band Tomorrow, alongside Soft Machine and Pink Floyd, were the most relevant of the London-based underground sound circa 1967. They were formed by Keith West ("Excerpt From A Teenage Opera" aka "Grocer Jack," which inspired The Who's Tommy), John "Twink" Alder on drums (who replaced Viv Prince in The Pretty Things and later formed The Pink Fairies) and Steve Howe, prodigal guitarist from the Syndicats on its way to form highly successful progs Yes. 

The group only managed to record one album before breaking up in 1968. That sole album is a solid effort, with quite a few first-rate tracks featuring backward guitar phasing ("My White Bicycle"), electric Sitar riffin'("Real Life Permanent Dream") and infections pre-hippie anthems ("Revolution"). It's a record full of gentle harmonies and hooky melodies with affectingly trippy lyrics. A great psych pop album from one of the most fascinating eras in music history.

1. My White Bicycle
2. Colonel Brown
3. Real Life Permanent Dream
4. Shy Boy
5. Claramount Lake
6. Revolution
7. The Incredible Journey Of Timothy Chase
8. Auntie Mary's Dress Shop
9. Strawberry Fields Forever
10. Three Jolly Little Dwarfs
11. Now Your Time Has Come
12. Hallucinations


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