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UNKLE ReAction Pointman (Copper Glitter) Figure

Super 7

UNKLE is a British musical outfit founded in 1992 by James Lavelle. UNKLE treats music, art, and thought as one singular output, which is famously displayed on their first LP "Psyence Fiction." UNKLE creates amazing soundscapes that are elevated as their favorite artists guest on various tracks. From the Beastie Boys to Radiohead, Kool G Rap to Massive Attack, the sonic collaborations are stunning.

However, it was the visual collaboration with legendary graffiti artist FUTURA 2000 in creating the Pointman that many remember. Based on the rare original Medicom edition of the Pointman toy released in the late 90’s, Super7 is proud to offer their own unique take on the iconic Pointman. 

This 3.75” figure comes with a stand that doubles as a 45rpm adapter so your UNKLE ReAction figure can take its place of honor on your record player as you spin your favorite 7" singles.

Product Features

  • 3.75 inches (9.52cm)
  • Based on the band UNKLE
  • Made of plastic
  • Retro figure style
  • 45rpm adaptor stand can be used to display figure or play 7 inch singles

Box Contents

  • Copper Glitter Pointman figure
  • 45rpm adaptor/stand


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