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Various - Here Comes The Night Owl LP

Outta Sight

Available in store for Record Store Day, Saturday April 22nd 10am.  Any available extra stock will go online Sunday April 23rd.

northern soul revue 2017 for the northern soul collector few places rival detroit as a source for quality, rare records.

but philadelphia comes pretty close and it is the city of brotherly love that produced america’s number one independent record label… the mighty cameo parkway. here, for the first time, we present the very best that the iconic company has to offer. from the wheel to wigan, to the weekender and beyond, the sound of cameo parkway has packed the dance floors across the uk for over 50 years, from the opening bars of dee dee sharp’s driving version of mel tormé’s “comin’ home baby” it’s easy to see why the label is so highly prized by collectors and dancers alike and why this unique vinyl tribute will touch the hearts of the faithful! all of the classics are here: chubby checker, christine cooper, bobby paris, yvonne baker, bunny sigler, jerry jackson etc etc. the difficulty has been in deciding what to leave out, not what to include, maybe a second volume later in the year? one thing is for certain, 1.2 million youtube viewers just love cameo parkway! first ever 100% cameo parkway northern soul package released for record store day 2017. featuring a rich mix of all-time northern soul classics and current in demand favourites such as dee dee sharp’s r&b tinged dance floor smash “comin’ home baby” and the moody, killer, “deep dark secret”. a must have collection – everyone a winner! tracklisting 1. comin' home, baby - dee dee sharp 2. (at the) discotheque - chubby checker 3. heartaches away my boy - christine cooper 4. night owl - bobby pasis 5. country girl - vickie baines 6. here she comes - the tymes 7. envy (in my eyes) - orlons 8. it's rough out there - jerry jackson 9. you didn't say a word - yvonne baker 10. you just don't know (what you do to me) - chubby checker 11. girl don't make me wiat - bunny sigler 12. because of my heart - frankie & beverly 13. packing up - damon fox 14. my heart, your heart - janie grant 15. deep, dark secret - dee dee sharp 16. picture me gone - evie sands


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