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Violent Femmes - Violent Femmes LP


For 20-plus years, the Violent Femmes have enjoyed the enviable position of selling millions of records worldwide, while still maintaining indie credibility with their dedicated fans. With the 1983 release of their classic debut, this acoustic trio from Milwaukee introduced one of the most memorable radio staples of the decade: "Blister In The Sun." With its front-porch feel and sing-along choruses, the album had such enduring appeal that it became the only full-length to ever be certified platinum without entering the Billboard Top 200. Whether you're a fan from the '80s or someone just loadin' up on the essentials, Violent Femmes is a postmodern classic you won't want to miss.

Track Listing:

1. Blister In The Sun    
2. Kiss Off    
3. Please Do Not Go    
4. Add It Up    
5. Confessions    
6. Prove My Love    
7. Promise    
8. To The Kill    
9. Gone Daddy Gone    
10. Good Feeling


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