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Walter Rizzati - The House By The Cemetery (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP (Transparent Red Vinyl, limited to 1000)

Dealth Waltz Recordings

A Lucio Fulci Film

Music by Walter Rizzati
Exclusive new cover art by Graham Humphreys
Liner notes by Stephen Thrower and Graham Humphreys

Transparent red vinyl edition strictly ltd to 1000 copies worldwide


Side 1

  1. Quella Villa
  2. I Remember
  3. Tema Bambino
  4. Blonk Suspense
  5. Blonk Monster End
  6. Verso il Terrore
  7. Incontro

Side 2

  1. Tema Bambino
  2. Blonk Monster
  3. Voci Dal Terrore
  4. Chi Sta Arrivando?
  5. Walt Monster End
  6. Blonk Fascia
  7. Verso il Terrore
  8. Tema Bambino


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