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Yesterday's New Quintet - Yesterdays Universe: Prepare for a New Yesterday 2LP

Stones Throw

Entirely produced by Madlib, this is considered something of a compilation album - an introduction to the newest players in the "universe" of Madlib's jazz records. 

The Jahari Massamba Unit is a collaboration with Karriem Riggins.  Jackson Conti is Madlib with Mamão of Azymuth.


  1. Bitches Brew
  2. Umoja (Unity)
  3. Slave Riot
  4. One For the Monica Lingas Band
  5. Street Talkin
  6. Marcus, Martin & Malcolm
  7. Two For Strata East
  8. She's Gonna Stay
  9. Cold Nights and Rainy Days
  10. Free Son
  11. Barumba (L.Eca, Bebeto)
  12. Sunny C (California)
  13. Mtume's Song
  14. Vibes From the Tribes Suite (of Phil)
  15. Upa Neguinho


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