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Yuzo Koshiro - Streets Of Rage 2 2LP

Data Discs

Widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential game soundtracks of all time, Streets of Rage 2 remains a towering achievement of the 16bit era. Data Discs is extremely proud to be releasing this masterpiece of FM synthesis, composed by Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima in 1992 and sounding more relevant today than ever. The audio has been carefully remastered using multiple sources, including the original NEC PC-88 files supplied by Koshiro himself, and packaged in original artwork sourced from the SEGA archives in Japan.

• Double LP in gatefold sleeve
• Fully remastered in collaboration with and approved by composer Yuzo Koshiro
• Includes four bonus tracks of demos, alternate versions and unused compositions
• 2 x lithographic prints featuring archival artwork
• Traditional OBI strip

  1. S.O.R Super Mix
  2. Player Select
  3. Go Straight
  4. In the Bar
  5. Never Return Alive
  6. Spin on the Bridge
  7. Ready Funk
  8. Dreamer
  9. Alien Power
  10. Under Logic
  11. Too Deep
  12. Slow Moon
  13. Round Clear
  14. Wave 131
  15. Jungle Base
  16. Back to the Industry
  17. Expander
  18. Max Man
  19. Revenge of Mr. X
  20. Good End
  21. Game Over
  22. Go Straight (Original Version)
  23. Little Money Avenue (Unused Track)
  24. In the Bar (Alternate Version)
  25. Walking Bottom (Prototype Track)


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