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Earthgang - MIrrorland 2LP


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Hailing from Atlanta, GA, EarthGang is comprised of Olu and WowGr8 who found common ground in their love of music that doesn't follow the rules. Instead, the young artists embody the best of the new generation in music – and plenty of critics and fans alike have taken note. Marrying lean, sharp-eyed lyricism with Southern-fried soul, every song arrives fully formed, hitting hard and landing jokes while also delving deep into political issues.

Stretching beyond the "indie hip-hop" label they've been brandished with, EarthGang are ready to reach a wider audience with their highly anticipated major label debut, Mirrorland, which is chock full of slick-sharp lyrics that cut through the hazy blur of ratchet rap and further showcases their avid interest in never settling, or resting on their laurels. Featured artists include Kehlani, T-Pain, Arin Ray and Malik.

"Mirrorland is a cohesive collection of gems from the group's past, present, and future. An album influenced by The Wiz and featuring songs that are old ("Swivel," "UP") and new ("Wings," "Proud of U), Mirrorland is an exploration of EarthGang's Atlanta – warts and all. Their strongest effort to date, the 14-track opus is a celebration of their city's diversity, black creatives, and being unapologetically comfortable in your own skin" (Complex).

1. LaLa Challenge
2. UP
3. Top Down
4. Bank
5. Proud Of U
6. This Side
7. Swivel
8. Avenue
9. Tequila
10. Blue Moon
11. Tripping
12. Stuck
13. Fields
14. Wings


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